Getting Benefits from Private Student Loans Consolidation

One of the main disadvantages of having more than one student loan is that it is very inconvenient to handle with all of them. Furthermore, each loan has its own monthly repayment date and payment amount and interest rate. Besides, repayments are made to different creditors.

Consolidation of a loan helps to reduce your interest rate. You will have only one repayment date and the payment might be lower than the amount of the separate payments. And you will pay to only one lender.

One more benefit of consolidation is that it will significantly improve your financial situation. You will be able to handle with the loans easily.

Fixed Rates Are More beneficial for Private Student Loan Consolidation

If you know the possible traps of different rate loans, you will keep away of such when you decide to consolidate your student loans. Having a variable rate loan exposes your budget to a risk in unstable money markets. Because of the changes in interest rates, it’s better to consolidate your private loans and your federal loans separately.

Typically, private student loans have higher interest rates in comparison with federal student loans. Combining two types of loan might result in higher total interest rates. That’s why it’s not recommended to combine two types of loan unless there is a strong reason, such as default or for some other reasons.

Also, with private student loans, you can add credit card debt due to payment for educational purposes. There won’t be a possibility to add those costs in a consolidation of federal student loan. Although handling with two monthly debts is more complicated as having one, the savings in interest are large enough to deal with this little difficulty.

Consolidation of Private Student Loans at a Fixed Rate

These days money shouldn’t be a big problem when it comes to get a higher education. There are a number of sources to get money for continuation of the education such as scholarships, grants, federal and private student loans.

Students should be careful in searching loans that will help to cover their needs. Along with your education at the university, it is time for your self-education regarding the question of handling money to avoid making debts after graduation from the university. Be careful in keeping your expenses under control to avoid financial difficulties.

Some students will feel the need to get several student loans. After the completion of studies there is the opportunity to combine all the loans into one package. This process is called student loan consolidation that simplifies planning the budget.

Super Jumbo Loan?

A big question… I have someone who inquired about re-financing their home, approximate value of $65MM, pull cash out of $24.5MM (65% LTV). This may need to be a ‘lite (light)’ Doc or Stated Income loan. Just testing the waters here to determine if there are any ‘known’ lenders out there who ‘remotely’ CAN consider such a loan. Or if there is a suggestion for making a syndicate to fund this type of situation.
Thank you for any suggestions or recommendations.

Horse Farm Jumbo

Need some help with a 20 acre horse farm valued at 805,000 which includes primary residence and several outbuildings. Value is weighted approx. 60% buildings/40% land. Credit score 675. Stated income. Need 75% LTV. Property in CA. Any help locating a lender greatly appreciated.

Jumbo Gifts?

Quick question, does anyone have a source or know of a source for lenders with a program which permits ’100%’ gift funded down payment. It sounds crazy, I can do it for FHA and had a question about Jumbo. I do not think so, from my near exhaustive search, yet one never knows. It would be for the states of Georgia and Florida.

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